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COVID 19 Policies

Hey everyone, I know that travel is weird out there right now and nobody knows what to do with respect to quarantines from home countries.  American travelers only have quarantine in a few states, Canadians have it in the entire country.  Mexico has no quarantine mandates.  For us that makes things infinitely more difficult especially because everyone wants so badly to visit us at Sueno Del Sol!!  Bookings are starting to really fill up for the upcoming season.  The number one question is “What if there is a quarantine?  Can I get my money back”?  We understand how challenging this is and we want to help the best we can while at the same time struggling through pandemic as well.   


So, to answer everyone’s big question for the upcoming season... 

Sueno Del Sol would like to welcome you to book your holiday for the winter season NOW.  Your reservation will be 100% refundable until September 1, 2021.  After that your reservation will be confirmed and be subject to our standard cancellation policy.  We understand that we may not know the state of the world by then.  We hope you can understand that we also need to plan for the season and allow for our local guests to enjoy the property.  I will reiterate that we are getting more bookings daily.  So, if you want to get your dates then best send us a note or book through our website! 

Look forward to seeing you all this winter! 

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