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Tropical Resort

The Dream

Backstory to the Sueno Del Sol Resort

A heartfelt message from the owner

Sueno Del Sol Coming to Life

Never give up on your dreams

That is truly what it is for me, a dream page, one that started for me after stumbling across the dilapidated shell of someone else’s dream...

Over the course of three months I went to work learning the Mexican way of business and hiring the professionals needed to assist me in the various processes. In September of 2019, after months of due diligence and legal work the purchase was completed and Sueno Del Sol was officially born.


We started work immediately, literally the day after signing the documents we put a shovel in the ground to start construction.  We already had engineering drawings and concepts as well as a full team of construction heroes to bring the dream to life.  Over the course of 6 months we would set out to completely remodel this run down concrete shell into an upscale 12 unit boutique Hotel and be ready for a town party on April 3rd, 2020.  The crew worked feverishly throughout the winter. A lot of love went into the place! From engineered beams and posts for the rooftop infinity pool, to hand digging the main pool.  From watching skid after skid of concrete mix roll in to the building week after week to the Saturday afternoon beer breaks with the fellas after work on Saturdays. It was an amazing experience and I would not change a thing. I had the absolute best time working with this team to achieve one of my longest dreams!


I will convey never ending Thank-You’s to my parents, Gord and Lil, to Fernando, to Luis, and to Pablo and Juan Carlos, you and the crew have truly helped me to achieve something I never could have thought possible.  I thank Grace, Ed and Uther, for helping with design and décor, thank Andres for his legal expertise navigating the waters and his Mom Laura for being my Mexican connection on the ground there.  Thank you to president Fernando for his warm welcome to the community.

Sueno Del Sol Mexican Canadian

Come Live the Dream

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